Interview with Courtney Townley of Grace & Grit

I had the amazing opportunity to talk with Courtney Townley of Grace & Grit last week for her podcast. I first met Courtney this past winter when she presented at a conference, and I was struck by the clarity of her message:  "Simple actions, repeated consistently over time, will either nourish you, or deplete you. They'll either regenerate you, or degenerate you."

If you and I haven't met personally, or you haven't had a chance to hear my story, check out this episode. And her health and wellness message isn't just for women. Already by listening to her podcast, and following up by reading one of her guest's books, Micah and I have learned more about hydration and cramping during strenuous exercise. 

I've mentioned before that I'm a podcast junkie, so I really appreciate when a podcast is done well. And Courtney's podcasts are concise and informative. And she just so happens to be right here in Missoula!

Happy listening!

grace and grit podcast.png