My philosophy on cooking

My cooking style could be described as scrappy. Or maybe resourceful sounds a bit more tasteful. I am not sure if it comes from my rural upbringing, or my thriving sense of frugality, but I cook with what I have. I don't know about you, but spending time in grocery stores just doesn't rate as a favorite thing to do. So I don't, that much. My cupboards are pretty well stocked, and living out of an urban area, I just can't/don't run to the store every time I come across an ingredient I don't have. I SUBSTITUTE. And I substitute liberally. I also search for meal ideas and recipes starting with the main ingredients I have on hand, not ones I wish I could make. Professional cooks might scoff at some of my time-saving, ingredient-hoarding techniques (like keeping ginger root in the freezer), but my goal is delicious food, with reasonable cost and moderate effort. And often made on a whim when the chocolate demons call...

I am a bit obsessed about thumbing through cookbooks and tagging things that look interesting... especially in the dessert category. In fact, the next post will be sharing a favorite fall dessert... Chocolate Zucchini Bundt cake.

Although our household only has two persons, I rarely make a meal that gets eaten in one sitting. While I love cooking, I don't want to be cooking ALL of the time. I have goats to play with, horses to ride, canoes to row, oh, and weeds to pull, fences to mend. It isn't all fun and games at the Rusty Nail... So meals are made with leftovers in mind. Leftovers to bring to work, leftovers to freeze for later. 

So expect my posts on food, recipes and meal planning to be a bit informal. Definitely seasonal and with lots of allowances for substitutions.

Lamb chops.. a gift from a neighbor.

Lamb chops.. a gift from a neighbor.

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