How It Works

Our subscriptions include local, pastured-raised chicken, beef and pork. Each share is a mix of frozen meats that are sourced from the whole animals we have purchased directly from the farmers. They are then processed at local butcher facilities. Pick ups are the first Wednesday of every month in Missoula or a one-time pick up option. Egg shares are now available and can be added on to your subscription.

What you need to do to receive this service:

1. Sign up. Complete your order on our sign up page. All subscribers will also receive our email newsletters.

2. Pick up. Arrive at Western Cider - 501 N. California, in Missoula- the first Wednesday of every month to get your share from 4-6pm.

3. Cook and enjoy!

Mountain Meat Shares is a gem! At first we were a bit hesitant to increase our meat budget to accommodate ethically sourced meat but we could not be happier. We subscribe to the “first level” and for the two of us (and occasional entertaining) our allotment is plenty! In addition, the quality of the meat has been without competition. Even those cuts that from a chain supermarket would be considered “tough” we have found to be tender and juicy and not in need of mediating marinade. We highly recommend MT Meat Shares and Jennifer.
— Shari and Shawn Feeser, Stevensville, MT

Regular Share:

A regular box size will be 7+ pounds per month, the first Wednesday of every month, for six months. Depending on how you cook, this will be at least 18 servings or over 4 servings a week. The subscription is $65 per month.

Large Share:

A large box size will be 14+ pounds per month, the first Wednesday of every month for six months. Depending on how you cook, this will be at least 36 servings or 9 servings a week. The subscription is $120 per month.

One-Time Pickup

The same delicious local meat and variety included in the monthly share, but in one pick up in mid-November in Missoula. If you have enough freezer space, and find you can't make the monthly pick ups, this option could be for you. The one-time share is 42+ pounds and will be $400. Delivery to your local community (within an hour of Missoula) is possible with at least 5 customers. Let me know where you are! How much is 42 pounds of meat? The box size will be at least 16" x 22" x 9". (Scroll down for sample photos.)

We offer add-ons of fish, lamb, goat, eggs, offal, soup bones and pork fat (for rendering lard) and beef fat throughout the subscription. We hope to offer bison and rabbit as an add-on to your monthly box in the future. Send us your requests!

How much meat do we need? 

  • That depends. How much do you cook at home? Is meat the main focus of your meal or is it a part of an overall menu? How many people are in your household? How many meals do you purchase away from home? Conservatively, a regular share can make a least 18 servings. Even more when you consider making things like chicken enchiladas, spaghetti and meat sauce, fajitas-- a little meat goes a long way. For a two person household, that is $3.60 per serving! And by saving the bones and making stock and soups, you are increasing the value even more of your delicious, pasture-raised meat!


  • What if I can't make it to a monthly pick up?

    • Consider arranging for a friend or family member to pick up your share. But if that doesn't work, just let us know. We can hold your share until the next month and double up then.

  • How much of each variety will there be?

    • Roughly about 1/3 of each pork, chicken and beef. Not every month of the regular size share will include a whole chicken.

  • How long is the monthly subscription?

    • Each subscription is for six months, and the next one begins in May.

  • What are the payment options?

    • We accept cash and checks, as well as credit cards both at pick up and online.

  • I would like eggs!

    • Yes! Eggs are a household staple. You can either email me by the Friday before delivery with your egg order, or place a standing order to receive a set amount each month. I'll have a few extra dozen for sale at pick up, but to guarantee your eggs, let me know ahead of time!

  • What about extras?

    • We have add-ons available. Please let me know by the Friday before pick up what cuts you would like.

  • How much freezer space will I need?

    • Monthly share members will not need more than the capacity of a standard kitchen fridge/freezer. Imagine a regular grocery sack for volume.

    • One-time pick up members will need at least the size of a bottom freezer drawer. The box size will be at least 16" x 22" x 9". See sample pictures below.

Animals are purchased whole and we aim to use as much of them as possible as we create your shares. But pigs are not all bacon and cows are not all steaks!

Chicken- Keep in mind that the chickens are whole, so when you receive them, they could consist of much of your box for that month. Check out our future recipes pages to learn more about the best way to use all of this awesome chicken!

Pork and Beef- Cured meat can include sausages, bacon or hams. Burger is a large part of processing a whole animal and it is a useful product to have in a household because it is quick and easy to prepare.

Here is a sample of some of the meats your box could include throughout the subscription:

beer can chicken (2).JPG
  • Whole chicken - each weighs an average of 4 pounds

  • Ground beef

  • Pork shoulder roast

  • Pork chops

  • Country style ribs

  • Bacon

  • Beef rib steak

  • Sirloin steaks

  • Short ribs

  • Chuck roasts

  • T-bone steaks

  • Hams

  • Rump roast

  • Stew meat

  • Sausages linked and bulk

Sample monthly share

Sample monthly share

Sample one-time pick up box size

Sample one-time pick up box size

One-time box in a bottom freezer drawer

One-time box in a bottom freezer drawer